I've Been Gone A While...Here's Why

Hello music friends, 

It's Kim here and I'm writing to you today to speak of life, love, and loss. It has been a while since I posted but I wanted to let you know I'm still here - creating, writing, recording. You may remember posts about my new EP from a while back? I recorded it right before the birth of my daughter and then took a bit of a break to be a mom to this sweet little girl.  

So, the plan was to release the EP after a few months of parenthood. Cue life getting in the way. I was thrown a curveball with the loss of my stepfather last September. And then another when my mother, who fought a long and hard battle with cancer for several years, took a turn for the worse. Three months ago, she also passed. Within exactly 5 months, two of the most important people in my life left us too soon. 

A series of highs, and low low's, forced me to put music on the back burner, rightfully so. I know everyone experiences loss and that we must all carry on. But man, its hard. 

In recent weeks, as I re-visited the EP, it no longer felt complete. Something was missing. I picked up my guitar after being away from it for way too long and when I did, out poured this new song written for my sweet mom. I'm pleased, and so excited, to say I recently went back into the studio with my producer Bill Lefler, and we recorded "Where I Am You Are", a song that touches my heart in so many ways. Getting back into the studio felt amazing and therapeutic. Exactly the medicine I needed. 

In the midst of planning my release, an unexpected phone call came in May. My father-in-law suddenly passed away. We didn't know life could hurt so bad or allow so much loss. Again. So soon. 

I am now re-inspired and back in full force to get this music out to the world. Please stay tuned for my new, and now complete album, "This Time Around". I can't wait to share these songs with you. Pre-sale info, along with a music video, will be coming your way in the coming days. Plus, an invitation to an exclusive Listening Party on Monday July 10th (my Mom's Birthday). 

Thank you for still being here, and for always listening. 

lots of love,